Management Consulting

We help our clients to look at the world with a new perspective and discover new opportunities for growth. We accomplish results by bridging the gap between what is with what can be. We enable you to create real value by flexibly adapting to the ever changing business scenarios. We assist in making critical choices and help your organisations and business achieve its full potential and develop new prospects for growth.

Economic Consulting

Discourse Analytica is a data-driven consultancy. We syndicate social science research methods with ICT tools to provide efficient, effective and innovative policies, processes and programs to attain growth and development of organisations at micro or meso levels and nations at macro levels.

Evidence Based Policy and Regulatory Analysis

We assist public sector clients scheme and design economic policies; assess and evaluate the impact and effectiveness of ongoing or past policies, schemes and regulations that may be under review.  We also provide support to private sector clients to respond to public policy consultations and influence policy debates.

Training Programs for statistical and economic analysis

To enhance your organisations analytical and research capabilities we provide statistical, economic and business analysis training programs both short term and long term.

For Queries
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